We need to talk about income inequality.

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3 Responses

  1. PatrickD says:

    Thanks for your comments. You will notice the article title has changed. This was changed since the focus of the lecture by Danny Dorling was on inequality in terms of income, education, and health, though the recent referendum result was also mentioned in the discussion. Please accept our apologies for this late change. Being a community journalism start-up project means we are learning on our feet.

  2. Wow, can’t believe I missed this – I live and work in Swansea (Uni) but totally forgot about it.

    I came to the same realisation the other day – took me a while – but yes, I believe Brexit is about people voting with the ‘give us anything other than what we’ve got’ mentality, irrespective of whether that makes things worse.

  3. Robert Etherington says:

    I voted leave reasons were as follows, 40 years with no say thank you farage and ukip for bringing the EU too the nations attention. Political union wasn’t what my grand parents voted for, military union either. A union that’s lead by unelected men whom we can’t name. The cost of membership and the blagging signs around the country informing us this road or bridge or theatre was built with EU money , more like our money from membership payments made daily. All the laws they send us especially human rights. Loss off sovereignty and to top it with open borders, I want article 50 started now And a hard brexit. However we are clearly seeing today lack of democracy and I feel the remoaners will mess us up, happened in Ireland .