Manifesto of Nonceptual Art

Jeremy Gluck

Currently undertaking Fine Art B.A. at University of Wales Trinity Saint David, including painting, film, installations and digital art. Founder of nonceptualism, author of the Nonceptual Art Manifesto. Work available for sale and on commission. His latest exhibition is in Swansea, Wales at Cinema and Co. https://www.instagram/nonceptualism J​eremy Gluck primarily focuses on capturing a snapshot of human consciousness through the utilisation of digital meme. He seeks to explore the traditional hierarchy of how art is perceived. His most recent work reflects the powerful dichotomy, which exists between the narcissism of the digital age and the need for a stark commentary on the post-millennial landscape. Through the utilisation of a raw typography and a monochromatic palette, Gluck invites the audience to consume less and engage more, therefore negating the idea of art having a literal presence.

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