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Swansea News Network enjoys receiving your feedback and ideas.  We love conversations! Here you can:-

  • Give feedback on articles (remember to refer to the title of the article).
  • Let us know you would like to be added to our mailing list for an occasional newsletter.
  • Share ideas for new ones or tell us about something you think we should be covering (resources allowing).
  • Start a conversation. We hope in time to feature a forum.

Can you offer help?

  • Write an article as a contributor. We’ll guide you, so you’ll learn new skills too. Please be aware this is voluntary only at present.
  • Interested in becoming a potential member if Swansea News Network becomes a co-op? Do let us know. We may only have a membership if we become a co-operative. We want to evolve first and try things out before we decide. Letting us know you might be interested will help us in our decision making.
  • We are also keen to hear from potential written word, video and audio reporters, photographers, designers, and people with skills in market research, marketing, advertising sales, website development, and management. Please be aware this is likely to be voluntary only at present though we may be able to pay for one off specific project services such as market research.
  • If you are a local activist, nature lover or enthusiastic about something locally, do let us know about your passion. You may want to write and report about it and we are happy to help you achieve that.