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Manifesto of Nonceptual Art

Manifesto of Nonceptual Art

Swansea News Network is positively rapturous in welcoming this brief moment of here and now by Troublemaker and Nonceptual Artist Jeremy Gluck.  When is new art newer (if indeed it exists at all)? Why...

Simone Sheridan, artist, creative producer, and place maker based in Sydney, Australia is involved in Troublemaker's Festival with the Palace Theatre Paste Up - Swansea News Network

The Troublemaker’s Festival interviews: Simone Sheridan – Palace Theatre paste-up

Simone Sheridan, is an artist, creative producer, and place maker based in Sydney, Australia and is involved in Troublemaker’s Festival with the Palace Theatre Paste Up. What is placemaking? Placemaking is a people-centered approach...

The Inane Comedy

Nonceptual Meme Art 6: The Inane Comedy – Celebrating Theresa May’s Zero Year

“Coming soon to a peacetime theatre of war near EU! ‘The Inane Comedy‘: This time it’s parochial!” Yep, despite protesting too much, it’s tres, tres, claire at this point that, far from not wanting...

An open letter from Swansea Friends of The Earth – to leaders of parties in council elections on 4th May

Open letter to the leaders of the parties contesting the Swansea County Council Election on the 4th May; Conservative,  Greens, Independents, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and UKIP

Source: Patrick Driscall

What is Swansea News Network?

Swansea News Network is a community journalism start-up project that enables people to empower their communities by sharing positive news and progressive stories. The project also known as a hyperlocal is particularly looking to...