Patrick Driscall

I was inspired to start Swansea News Network by taking part in the Paris Climate Agreement Protests and realising there is an increased and urgent need for improved connectivity between communities. I work as a Head Gardener. My background has included gardening under the Westway in London, managing a park in Brixton, launching an environmental education centre, community landscape projects and an award-winning canalside regeneration scheme. I also helped set up a new Youth Club in Hackney, London whilst working with Groundwork Hackney. I was a London Editor for the NY-based aRUDE magazine, an intern at The Guardian and Independent on Sunday, have a fashion degree in menswear.

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4 Responses

  1. Jim Young says:

    I must admit that I rather liked the “edge” of walking through that dark tunnel back in time. Where the walls oozed risk and and the low lighting was a the vein-red blood of the graffiti. I think graffiti better expresses the lost who wrote on these walls in their suppressed tears of emotion, than street art which sees and audience. True graffiti is the repository of anguished souls, to be read by souls on the edge night in the tunnel time.

  2. Diff Graff says:

    Great to see even more effort into this tunnel! Great pics and keep posting positive stories about Swansea.


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